Mad Systems is een unieke technologie bedrijf die specializeert in Audio Visual and Interactive systemen. 

Wij werken met U om uw verhaal te vertellen – van scripten en media tot de AV systemen, wij nemen uw project aan van begin tot eind. We gebruiken huidige en futuristische technieken zoals nodig, en we creëren betrouwbare en makkelijk bij te houden tentoonstellingen die uw verhalen vertellen en uw bericht overbrengen. Van eenvoudige touch screen interactieve tot meeslepende ervaringen, we nemen het hele proces aan, van begin tot einde. Met onze eigen software apparatuur, een high definition/4k/16k capabele studio, hardware and zelfs een complete metaal werkplaats is er niet veel dat we niet aan kunnen – en met systemen die al jaren zonder problemen draaien bij onze klanten weet U dat U in goede handen bent.

Project Management. Just that. It’s hard to keep the technology aligned with the other contractors building your building, or implementing the infra-structure and tech. The GC presumably hasn’t done a project like this before – it is unusual if they have. The E/C is more used to wiring commercial buildings, not dealing with specialist AV requirements; not only that, but those fluorescent tubes are OK in a standard grid configuration on the ceiling, right? Any reason there’s an issue with those windows in the theater? The HVAC and mechanical folks are not familiar with the cooling requirements of some of your exhibits, and they’re certainly not aware that that tornado machine you have needs to be treated very carefully when it comes to airflow parameters.
Don’t panic – we can help – we’ve been doing this for years. Not only is trying to do this without professional project management expensive in the short term, it will also result in delays and long term trouble that really is not necessary. Making sure that there is enough power, and that the power phasing is done correctly, that cable paths are right, that you don’t end up having to use circuit breakers to turn your power on and off (just think of the fire hazard when they stop protecting your building – read our blog post on the subject). Getting your system right is a worthwhile effort, certainly in the long run – and the only way to ensure that the integration work happens properly is to have someone there who has already come this way – ideally a good few times.

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You are working on a concept, a solution, a vision. We will help you to select the best technology to meet your design, and your clients needs. We will work as part of your team, and make sure that your concept is executed properly. Hiding the technology behind your vision? No problem. Designing a showcase to show off the technology? We’re on board. Details such as video quality, avoiding audio bleed while still giving impactful shows, media, all the way through details such as power estimates, generated heat predictions and infra-structure design? We excel. Design of interactives, both electronic and electro-mechanical? Right down our street. Technical project management, and guidance for the General Contractor, the Mechanical Contractor and the Electrical Contractor are essential to the proper project management of the technology in any given space. infra-structure design is essential for the proper and cost-effective implementation of your plans – and we are experts at just that. We will help select the best technology for your venues, displays and exhibits, and come up with creative ideas to make them outstanding.

Of course we do the usual Audio, Video and related designs – but our team can go much further. We specialize in interactive designs, and sensor technologies. Gesture based designs, RFID, puppeteering using hand gestures, video recognition. Providing system that recognize individual visitors in a space; capturing video all around your venue for specific visitors, families or groups. Generating DVDs for sale in the store, or pushing captured imagery and visitor selected information to a web site – nothing is too much for our engineering department, and a lot of it has already been done with examples to show. Pre-visit and post-visit visitor management and solutions – we’re your team.

Our engineers and designers will provide the optimal solution for your design, and provide choices. We will either design to a given budget, or track potential costs as the design morphs towards the final presentation and even all the way through implementation, so that there is never that embarrassing moment where the technology costs are three times what the client is expecting. With experience that encompasses the entire spectrum of creative technology and using technology to enhance creativity, we can bring more to the party than just the hardware, or just the programming, or just the prep for the media company. Mad will help your vision become true.

We’ll also deal with those so often forgotten details – like switching the system on and off automatically while making sure that t’s easy to deal with the special events. We’ll control the lights for different conditions, and if need be we will make sure that the staff can use their smartphone to bump the audio volume in the gallery during the busy days of the year.

Mad Systems is truly agnostic when it comes to technology. We do not have tie-ins with suppliers or manufacturers. We are free to select the best options for your project. We specialize in non-proprietary systems that are designed to be as reliable, as easy as possible to use, and as easy as possible to maintain so that ongoing costs can be contained. Most of our systems have remote access so that we can continue to support our systems remotely on the odd occasion it might be required – usually at no cost.

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The scene is set, and the technology has to work with it. Maybe there is an existing rudimentary design. Maybe there’s just the RFP. We’ll prepare a bid, and help to take an existing design, and implement it as it should be. We will suggest improvements it it makes sense, help with the value engineering process, or changes as agreed to incorporate the latest in technology or avoid obsolete parts. We will help to integrate the technology into the set. We can take care of infra-structure requirements, and interface with the GC and EC, making sure cable paths and types as well as cooling are taken care of properly. Designing and building the structure and best sensor technology for interactives, working with your design team and the client to make the implementation and installation of their vision as painless as possible. We’ll take an interactive and make it work from beginning to end including mechanical, electrical, programming and if necessary the graphics and media. We’ll do stability and factory testing before delivery so that the integration of the final solution is done and tested before it is delivered to site.

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Mad Systems’ staff has extensive experience with Theme Parks and their distinctive needs. We can help plan, design, project manage all the way through the process from early concepts all the way through opening. Park-wide systems, Audio, Video, and even Parade Control systems, we are comfortable designing, specifying and even implementing the solutions your park need. From cue line management to the implementation and control of special effects.

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This team is creative, and can help to come up with sympathetic and powerful designs for installations that will work with your design. We design audio systems that can be heard, and understood. We can help with acoustics related issues. We can predict audio volume and speech intelligibility, and create more than just a video wall for your next design or for that existing building with some awkward parameters. We’ll help you create that so important ‘wow’ moment that your client wants to see. We’ll have your building react to temperature, humidity, the number of people inside it, or whatever parameter you like – or a combination of all of the above. We’ll work as part of your team to help your vision come true and help you create an outstanding experience that fits.

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Crazy concepts and unusual experiences are our specialty. Award winning designs for visitor experiences are something we excel in. Software, hardware – we’ll take the hassle out of the tech part of your designs, and work with you and your clients to create some magic for their next activation. With clients such as Yahoo and many others, we’ve come up with solutions for your teams creative free-flowing ideas and made them work. We understand the need to create something different, and special, and we’ll do so as part of your team.

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5 reasons to work with Mad Systems
Mad is not your ordinary previous generation technology company. Yes, we do Audio-Visual systems. But we also develop interactive displays and exhibits, we have an in-house mechanical skill-set that is second to none – and in short, we can most likely turn your idea into reality.

Audio Visual systems
Yes, we design, bid, build, install, commission and program Audio Visual systems ranging from simple houses of worship installations to huge museums, corporate visitor centers and events.

Point & Click
If you tell us what you need, we can take it from there and deliver a complete integrated solution – and not just come to site with hardware to let others worry about integrating software or mechanical equipment.

Built By Experts
Our senior staff members are degree qualified engineers with up to 30 years experience in this field. We know the field, and we like doing what we’re doing!

Future Proof
To the extent that it is possible to future proof these systems, we do. Our mechanical devices are designed with longevity in mind. Our AV systems are usually based on PC technology so that we know that they can be supported far into the future. We do our best to create supportable systems – and we rarely have to look at our systems once they’re in. They just run, and run, and run.

Simply The Best
Don’t just take our word for it. Go through our list of projects – some of them have been running for 15 years and are still going strong. We help you by providing solid training, down to the point where we show you what your staff needs to do to keep these systems running, day in, day out.