First Live Performance (the bragging rights)

One of the ‘cool’ things about the work we do is that there is always something unusual going on, or some unusual “opportunity” to be enjoyed. Yesterday’s fun gig was to make an “opportunity” by claiming the bragging rights of doing the first live performance at the new Discovery Science Cube’s theater. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves… some things just need to be done! Read on:

Discovery Science Center is a well-established venue in Santa Ana, Orange County (California) with a host of kid (and truth be told adult) friendly interactive exhibits that make for a great family trips; it’s one of these places where kids are learning good stuff without really knowing that they’re doing so. How much better can it get?

Well – it’s getting even better. DSC is getting close to opening their new expansion, and one of the things they’ve not had before is a brand-new 450 seat theater. Mad designed and installed the audio system for the new building, and we just finished the Bose theater audio system in the space ready for Bubble Fest, an annually recurring show (the most popular one of the year at DSC) that runs from March 28th for some 3 weeks. Bubbles galore, and we look forward to seeing the show in this rather nice venue this year!

In the middle of all that, we’ve been setting up and testing the theater system, and yesterday there was this little window of opportunity where we managed to do a quick guerrilla effort and take the bragging rights for doing the first live performance at the new theater. We did a two camera shoot (ok, don’t get excited – it was just an iPhone and an iPad, truth be told) of Maris playing his guitar using the audio system. Another disclaimer – yes, we used Sennheiser equipment as the guitar pickup…  since the guitar doesn’t have a pick-up, the easy way to do this was to take one of the headsets and wiggle it into the body of the guitar which is obviously far from optimal. The result is much as you’d expect: boxy sounding iffy audio and grainy video – but that is not the point. As we all know – sometimes all that matters is to enjoy the process, and this time Mad did the first live performance in a theater with the audio system designed and installed by Mad. We proudly claim it! How much better can it get?


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