Interactive Experiences to Engage Your Target Audience

As we approach EventTech 2015, the event marketing conference focused on using social media and technology to enhance live experiences, we wanted to bring to light an exciting trend in marketing that’s continuing to gain more hype. Brands are focusing on event marketing and experiential marketing more than ever before. According to advertising agency Geometry Global, Chief Marketing Officers “are treating live events as the ultimate content capture channel.” That’s because consumers are responding. In fact, 94% of the most important and the most difficult consumers to engage (Gen Y, consumers born in the 80’s and 90’s) say “they would be more likely to buy a product as a result of a good experience at an event.” That’s according to a study conducted by leading experiential marketing agency MKTG Inc and Event Marketing Institute. Whether it’s a popular music and arts festival or a stunt in the middle of a top shopping destination, more and more we are seeing consumers interact with brands and it’s making for incredibly successful marketing campaigns.


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The internet is no big thing for Generation Y; they grew up with it as a part of their everyday life. Experiential marketing connects with these consumers and makes for a huge return on investment. These guys are talking! They’re posting, tweeting, sharing, instagramming; they are doing it all. As MKTG Inc and Event Marketing Institute put it, they have become your salespeople. Advertising agency Geometry Global identified five experiential marketing trends worth keeping your eye on, and topping the list are unmanned interactive experiences. We’re already seeing a lot more touchscreen media walls, kiosks, and smart vending machines allowing consumers the opportunity to interact with your brand. And it doesn’t stop there. Multi-projector interactives made the list as well. As Geometry Global explains in their report, “media walls are no longer restricted to the actual walls of events, with multi-projector technologies helping marketers expand their event interactives across floors, ceiling – any canvas, any place, anytime.”


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Gen Y is a tech-savvy generation and we are seeing trends in these consumers that have forced marketers to make changes to their campaigns. identifies several qualities often seen in this generation that makes them unique. says Gen Y not only hates being sold to, but they value customization, expect exceptional service and demand a digital footprint. Experiential marketing campaigns generally hit every one of these needs on the scale. Creating that personal relationship with your consumer instead of trying to sell to them is key, and you can bet they’re going to be more interested in spreading the word.


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Got an idea for an experiential marketing campaign? Let us know what you’re thinking; we’ll get you there! Mad Systems is an award-winning technology company specializing in audio/visual system integration and the design, building and installation of interactive experiences for brands, museums and visitor centers. Visit Mad Systems this year at EventTech in booth #6013 to see some of our favorite event marketing products and discuss your ideas. EventTech produced by Event Marketer is November 2nd – 4th at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV.

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