QuickSilver™ progress!

When we first started talking about the QuickSilver™ AV system, we got the response that we were expecting – it was early days, after all: “Sounds great, but let someone else try it out before we use it”, and the rather more blunt “Does it work”?

It’s so nice to have progressed well beyond that point, and to have several systems up and running with a good few more planned and going in over the next while. It’s enjoyable to have reached the point where rather than “yeah, not so sure, come back when you have a few up and running” we’re hearing “this is so innovative, we’re ready to design QuickSilver™ into our next project”.

Our team has worked hard to create a solid system that is clearly the way 21st Century AV should be done – it’s affordable, does more than you’ve ever been able to do, and there’s new things around the corner that have never been seen or done before as we prepare to expand AV systems to incorporate new techniques and technology that will push this AV system even further forward.

This is #21stCenturyAV at its best – come and see it in our lab, where we have plenty of examples running complete with Facial Recognition, so that we can SHOW you what AV should look like. The future of AV? Yes, we’re working on that too!

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