Ventilators instead of AV++™

It sure is not AV or even #AV++™… but apart from our ‘real’ daytime work, we’ve also been working on some concepts for ventilators and PPE.

This one, concept #4, is intended as a source for an invasive ventilator. The Ambu bag allows for enhanced oxygen use, too. Sadly it looks pretty well impossible to get FDA approval on time, if at all – so for now we’ll finish some tests, and then leave this idea alone.

A quick sketch, and the team put a prototype together in a couple of days – simple, based on some unistrut parts, the intent being to make this as simple to replicate as possible, this ventilator can be made almost anywhere using very basic tools.

If anyone is interested we’d be more than happy to give you the detail on how to turn these out. The thumb screw on the left controls the tidal volume (the volume of air pumped into a patient’s lung) by moving the hinge position, and the motor velocity can be controlled to set the breaths per minute – all rather simple, and both parameters are continuously variable, so this design is a quick and easy way to ventilate an intubated patient.

In the meantime we’re working on a CPAP and BIPAP driven non-invasive positive pressure machine with an enhanced oxygen option and controlled exhausts (to prevent the virus from getting out into the space), and a full face PPE device with filtered / controlled air inlet and exhaust for healthcare workers doing things like intubating patients, and we’ll continue to pursue that.

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