Want the real scoop?

It always takes a while for new technology to take hold – and in our case it has taken a few years for QuickSilver® to have gone from a concept to a complete, all encompassing system.

The Story

Of course once you get to new, disruptive technology to be seen on the market, rumors explode. Stories get told by proponents and detractors of that technology, much as you’d expect. Ultimately, that information, like Chinese whispers, will start to trickle back to the originators of the technology.

Also like Chinese Whispers, a lot of wrong information ends up being twisted, and is not accurate – and without making sure that you get the right information directly from the source, it’s hard to make sure that you’re not barking up the wrong tree.

The Scoop

So here’s the scoop to immediately dispel some of the information that we got back through that grapevine:

  • No, QuickSilver® does NOT use bluetooth for communications (or anything else)
  • No, QuickSilver® is NOT a streaming media system
  • We’re not using domestic grade WiFi for our systems – we employ a very stable commercial grade system that provides for stable systems. In fact, we have the same system running in our lab, and with all the abuse we give it, it’s been fine without needing attention for a very long time
  • No, we do not build some strange type of computers to create QuickSilver®. We use standard, non-proprietary computers created by the best design engineers in the world, with millions of units in daily use. QuickSilver® was actually developed as the culmination of the integration of AV and IT, something that we finalized a number of years ago
  • Yes, we incorporate power management within our systems, and yes, it’s part of what our show controller provides (and has done so for over 10 years)
  • No, QuickSilver® isn’t limited to wireless solutions – we’re fine with wired too
  • Yes, all media is contained on the servers, so that they can free-run. No problem.
  • Yes, we have a number of systems out there and more coming on line as we speak


As you can see from the list – we got some strange whispers back – so if you have questions – please call us. We’d be more than happy to talk – we’ve done presentations to potential clients, designers and to our competitors. At least you’ll get the correct information. From the horse’s mouth!

Click here for detailed information on our patented technologies.

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