Mad Systems QuickSilver®

Mad is not just another AV technology company, as shown by some of the more advanced options we can offer. Our QuickSilver® system is such an option. A post AV/IT convergent system, it is more sophisticated and provide far more options than previous generation AV systems can ever hope to be able to achieve. That’s why we developed it.

QuickSilver® is the first fully integrated, complete AV system solution to emerge in the past 50 years – and it is different. Based on non-proprietary hardware, which means that you’ll be able to buy spares pretty well anywhere in the world for the next 20+ years, this networked solution can be wired, or implemented wirelessly, with capabilities and options simply not available with other systems.

From media delivery to sophisticated interactives, these systems can include full power management to create greener systems, options that truly check that the system is working as it should, with remote access and support capabilities and a whole host of other possibilities that might appear to be similar to what other previous generations of AV systems have been able to support – but QuickSilver® is more advanced, and more sophisticated.

Of course it doesn’t end there. QuickSilver® was designed to leap ahead of the status quo, and with options to personalize media delivery, deal with multiple languages, and deal with support for visitors with different impairments, this is not just more of the same.