The Mad team really is Mad about AV.

We do some innovative work, and we work with some amazing companies and individuals. These podcasts are all about industry related subjects. Guests and Mad team members talk about innovation and the state of the industry, and sometimes about our projects and developments. Further down on this page you'll find additional video short stories, too.


The Women in AV podcast featuring Cybelle Jones, Lisa Jey Schanley, Jenni Ogden, Toni Losier and Tricia Rodriguez.

And, much as you'd expect, a lively and topical discussion about women in technology - and in particular women in the AV business - follows.


This podcast features Steve Bressler, founder and Executive Director of Monadnock Media and Maris Ensing, founder of Mad Systems.

Steve and Maris discuss methods for bringing museums to life, and how the story is still the driving force as it has always been. They talk about ways to create exhibits that stick in visitor's minds, and about some of the changes that we have been seeing in terms of supporting technology over the past few years.


This podcast features Tricia Rodriguez and Serguei Kozlovski, one of the developers of the QuickSilver® solution, Mad's Next Gen audio visual system.

Tricia and Serguei talk about the development process, the team that put together the latest Mad Systems AV++™ concept and system elements. A great chat about technology that is changing the future of the audio-visual industry.


A podcast featuring Mad Systems' founder, Maris Ensing, who talks about our new patented technology: Recognition based media delivery.

One size does not fit all, and in a world where there is a new audience for which the previous 'magical' technology is just something they accept as the norm, it becomes essential to create something that goes well beyond that which was acceptable 10+ years ago in a pre-iPhone and pre-iPad era.


No longer are museums about gawking at static displays of what life used to be or reading one person’s interpretation of a work of art. The museum experience is changing thanks to technology. Convincing curators or foundations backing museums to install advanced devices, on the other hand, can still take time, said David Whitemyer, Director of Business Development for Luci Creative in a conversation on the subject with Tricia Rodriguez, our Director of Marketing.

"It will be wonderful if we could get every family member interested in museums, because they have so much to offer; however, we also need to give them a personal experience, because they’re expecting that today,” Rodriguez said. “Especially our young museum-goers – they want to be enlightened. They want new technologies. They want to be able to understand the technology at their level – the graphic panel is something they don’t take time to read any more. They need to be engaged.”

Of course, we're also talking about David's photography, his book and a limoncello recipe.


In our first podcast, Tricia Rodriguez talks about how our diverse team has been innovating to create a paradigm shift for the AV industry.


Below are just fun short video stories - find out what makes the team tick, what matters, and what they're up to.

What should people know
about Mad Systems?

What are you most proud of
achieving this year?

What is new at the
Mad Systems office?

What are you most looking
forward to in 2021?

If you have AV related needs, or even just an interest in the AV industry, you will want to know more about some of the new groundbreaking solutions Mad has developed.

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