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As an award-winning AudioVisual and Interactive designer and integrator, Mad Systems excels in creating engaging exhibits and digital and electro-mechanical interactives for museums, visitor centers, brands, digital signage, and theme parks. Established in 1998, we are proud to be a nationally certified Women's Business Enterprise.

At Mad Systems, we prioritize your needs and preferences, which is why we're more than happy to incorporate your preferred technology into the AV systems we create. Our expertise spans from using 'standard' AV equipment to implementing our groundbreaking next-generation technologies, such as the QuickSilver® Audio-Visual system. Our goal is to deliver the best solution tailored to your unique requirements. Discover the Mad Systems difference and explore how our innovative solutions can elevate your projects to new heights.

Alice™, a dynamic AI based media generator, and more
Revolutionizing Experiences with Groundbreaking Patent Pending AI Technology by Mad Systems: Introducing Alice™:

Alice™, Mad’s latest patent pending addition to their AV++®️ technology, incorporates new revolutionary elements to usher in the future of varied and personalized content delivery for exhibits, presentations, shows, and everyday experiences.

Alice™ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create diverse content in real-time, providing curated, different presentations for each visitor. Alice™ will provide individually tailored experiences for each visitor but also vary content to keep things fresh.

Upon registration, visitors indicate their interests and preferences and can then use identification options, including RFID, Barcode, or our Facial Recognition technology. From this point, Alice™ begins crafting a unique narrative for each individual, adjusting to their curiosities and preferences throughout their visit based on pre-trained knowledge, generating data from a known Body of Knowledge from which data is extracted. This ensures that the data provided is correct and curated and that the integrity of the data presented is guaranteed. The information generated may include derived text in any supported language, audio including speech, SFX, music, images, video, smell, motion, and any other experience available for any given venue.

Imagine standing in front of the Antikythera mechanism, hearing the exhibit narrate tales of its creation, discovery, and restoration, all attuned to your personal interests in Roman history or scientific discovery. Alice™ creates a unique narrative and presentation, shaping the story in real-time to match the visitor’s knowledge level, language, and interests. The next time you visit, the information presented will most likely be different, even if you indicate the same preferences and interests

The technology extends beyond text, generating speech, images, special effects, lighting control, and, of course, videos. Alice™ generates personalized tours led by synthesized Avatars of your favorite personalities - from generic scientists and personalities to the inventor of the Antikythera mechanism, or Julius Caesar, Albert Einstein, or a Tom Cruise look-alike.

Alice™ is fully integrated within our AV++® eco-system to provide a coherent, ever-changing story to keep every visit fresh and engaging, and it can also be grafted into other suitable systems that provide the required flexibility. It is designed to accommodate visitors with vision or hearing issues, ensuring that the technology is accessible to all.

We invite you to step into this new world where AI doesn’t just provide information - it creates personalized experiences. With Alice™, every visit is a new discovery, every experience is captivating, and everything is catered to you.

Let’s talk about how Mad’s technologies can take you to that next level!

QuickSilver®, another part of Mad's advanced AV++®

Introducing QuickSilver®, a groundbreaking and cost-effective 21st-century AV solution that seamlessly integrates AV and IT while minimizing infrastructural requirements. Designed and developed by experienced AV engineers, QuickSilver® caters to the practical needs of real-world AV installations and encompasses all the essential components for a comprehensive AV control system.

Discover the core elements of the QuickSilver® solution and learn how it can revolutionize your audiovisual experience:

  • Video/Media servers (from 1-16 channels, from hidef through 4k, compressed and uncompressed, with support and seamless switching of multiple audio and subtitle languages)
  • Audio servers (including randomizing ambience generators and immsersive multi-channel audioscapes for theaters)
  • Interactive servers
  • Full integration of 3rd party interactives
  • RFID/Barcode/QR/NFR code readers
  • Motion sensors
  • Digital I/O controllers (button or isolated solid state sensor inputs, solid state and/or mechanical relay outputs)
  • Lighting controllers including DMX
  • Special Effects Controllers
  • Digital gobo projectors
  • Digital framing lights
  • Digital water/fire projectors
  • Digital labels
  • Show and System Control
  • User interface (iOS, PC, Android, Amazon Fire devices)
  • System Power Reduction/Lifetime extension options
  • Power Management
  • Remote support/Monitoring
  • Various ADA related options including a guidance system for visitors who use canes
  • we are continuously expanding the QuickSilver® range of devices, and would be happy to discuss anything else that you may need for a special project
  • ..and of course, QuickSilver® was designed to interface naturally with our patented recognition systems for highly personalized AV solutions

    QuickSilver® was designed to work together as a system, so no more wrangling disparate parts from all over the world to create an AV system.
    It provides for wired or a wireless solutions, allowing for huge reductions of the hidden costs of AV systems as the need for conduit, signal cabling, and control rooms (and HVAC systems for control rooms) are minimized or eliminated. It provides for a new and very affordable ways of creating AV systems and allows for cost-effective personalization of media delivery, and easy ways to exceed any ADA requirements while removing previous limitations to designers.

    QuickSilver® is based on non-proprietary IT type equipment, which means that the core of the system is not subject to the same supply line issues as conventional solutions have turned out to be.

Mad's patented technologies

Mad Systems takes pride in our Recognition-based Location and Personalized/Targeted Media Delivery System solutions, which hold four US patents and have additional patents pending. These patents encompass the creation of personalized media delivery, interactive exhibits, digital signage, and way-finding solutions using recognition technologies such as facial recognition, color/pattern recognition, and license plate recognition. Our system also offers options to associate cars with drivers, passengers, Point-Of-Sale transactions, and other interactions involving recognition systems.

Our innovative technology empowers public spaces, from museums to expos, to deliver media and design exhibits, advertisements, and interactive solutions that cater to patrons' interests, language preferences, ADA needs, and even purchasing habits. This customization results in uniquely tailored experiences for each visitor.

With a wide range of applications including theme parks, museums, resorts, visitor centers, cruise ships, customer service applications, and Smart Cities, Mad Systems' cutting-edge solutions are poised to transform the way we engage with public spaces. Experience the difference today.

Facial Recognition FR
Facial Recognition
Color Recognition CR
Color/Pattern Recognition
License Plate Recognition LPR
License Plate Recognition

Mad about AV podcasts

Touchless Touchscreens
    and other magical touchless solutions

Mad Systems has released a host of new touchless technologies for a post-peak COVID-19 world. As  we continue to design new systems for future installations, Mad has created a range of equipment as part of its QuickSilver® range to help with that process.
More detail on our Touchless Technologies.

From touchless 'TouchScreens' to conversion of standard monitors for interactive use, this creates an option for visitors who prefer not to touch the screen. New options include touchless buttons and other controllers. This new technology will allow for visitors to have a full interactive experience while remaining safe.

Webinars on AV++®
Mad has re-written the book on AV systems, as evidenced by this series of webinars that present the latest nextgen AV++ technology. Find our existing webinars, or register for our upcoming AV++ webinars through our blog posts or through the links below to find out more about our existing and latest technologies to deal with a 21st Century audience and includes viable options to deal with a post-peak COVID-19 world.


With the introduction QuickSilver®, AV and IT have converged. The system comprises non-proprietary hardware only, which results in lower cost, longer life systems with a much longer, much more affordable supported lifespan which in turn reduces operational costs. This helps our clients with the initial purchase and installation budget, and also with their long term budgets. The full integration of AV and IT has changed the equation.

AV + IT = AV++®

Mad specializes in AV++®: the custom design and engineering of these advanced systems.  QuickSilver®, the first AV++® solution in the world, is now available from Mad Systems as a proven system. Call us to talk about Mad's AV++® solution. Of course we're nowhere near finished with our development work. Even bigger changes are afoot as part of our AV++® overall system approach!

With full convergence of AV and IT a done deal, what remains is to find new opportunities and solutions.

The recent announcement of the DrinkMe AV Design and Configuration software provides automation for both the AV design process and system configuration.

This new development will change the way AV is done - a lot of the design and pre-configuration work involved in producing AV systems is automated, saving even more time and money.

QSEQ®, which stands for QuickSilver® Equalizer, is a revolutionary process that allows the company to partner with other AV providers, fabricators and others to create lower cost AV solutions to end clients.
Mad launched the patented facial, color / pattern and license plate recognition systems for personalized media delivery and the patented LookingGlass Concierge system designed to improve customer service options in all kinds of different applications.
You will find more information on all of these new and exciting technologies below. We have changed 'AV Systems' to a new world of "AV++® systems", the result of full convergence of AV and IT.

We design, engineer and develop reliable turnkey systems and specialize in innovative and unique solutions from high tech state-of-the-art exhibits to electro-mechanical hands on experiences. We provide a full range of solutions to the many challenges of audiovisual presentations including everything from interactive computer systems to video display solutions that address the needs of our clients anywhere in the world.


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Patented technology


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