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Our AV and AV++® solutions includeTraditional
We are Mad Systems.

We believe that there is a need to provide technology that feels like magic for a new, sophisticated audience consisting of digital natives.

We create basic traditional AV and interactive systems as well as advanced AV++® technology to create always unique, accessible, hyper-personalized media delivery for a diverse audience.
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We are passionate about technology and its potential to transform the way we interact with the world and each other. We invite you to join us in our journey.

We created an advanced AV++® system. This new technology is designed to provide options for hyper personalization, and for meeting the intent behind IDEA:
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility.
A new paradigm, where wired or wireless options are available, hyper-personalized media delivery is the order of the day, and IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) is the norm.

Let's talk about multilingual, age-specific, interest related media delivery, in a number of styles, with, of course, natural speech.
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Mad Systems have been using traditional technology to create conventional systems since the company was started, and we are more than happy to design and/or build a conventional technology based centralized or distributed system for you.Traditional
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QuickSilver® is a cost-effective computer based AV system. It's maintainable by IT staff for as long as PCs exist, can be wired or wireless, provides a capability to provide hundreds of spoken or subtitle languages, and provides the most flexible base for our other technologies.QuickSilver®quicksilverClick here to dive deeper
CheshireCat® is our patented recognition system that does not need an internet link, guaranteeing 100% privacy and compliance with the strictest privacy laws.

With a response time of around half a second, this is the most capable personalization tool available, suitable for venues from museums, visitor centers, corporate briefing rooms, cruise ships, theme parks, and retail.
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Alice® is our patented AI technology that delivers hyper-personalized media derived from a curated Body Of Knowledge in 200+ languages, tailored for the visitor's age, interests, language preference, delivery style and a host of other parameters.

Visitors register using RFID, Barcode, QR code, NFC, or our patented Facial Recognition, and every time they register, content can be varied to keep them coming back.
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Lory® is our patented tour guide technology using personal smart devices. It supports different spoken and sign languages, and can deliver hyper-personalized media derived from a curated Body Of Knowledge, tailored to the visitor's age, interests, language preference, delivery style and a host of other parameters.

Lory can use RFID, Barcode, QR code, NFC, or our patented Facial Recognition, and visitors do not need to load an application for Lory to run.
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Traditional AV


Traditional and Advanced AV and Interactive Solutions

QuickSilver® symbolizes our cutting-edge AV technology, ingeniously engineered using standard computer hardware. This results in AV systems that echo the ease of maintenance, enhanced adaptability, and advanced functionalities of IT systems. QuickSilver® can be set up as either a wired or wireless solution, reducing or eliminating the need for conduit and cables, providing versatile options to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in designing and implementing traditional audio-visual (AV) systems. With over 25 years of experience, we are specialists in creating AV and interactive solutions to meet a diverse range of needs. Our team delivers high-quality, reliable systems, leveraging our deep knowledge and technical skills.


Experience the full suite of our advanced QuickSilver® support technologies. This includes an array of innovative solutions such as LifeSaver, TruCheck, TruView, Quanalysis, TechSupport, and a plethora of other advanced features, each designed to provide unparalleled end-user support.


Alice, our patented AI based media delivery tool is set to transform visitor experiences by personalizing media content. Visitors register indicating data such as their age, interests, preferred language and presentation style. Alice then accesses a Body Of Knowledge to generate tailored content dynamically, ensuring each interaction is unique and relevant. This system enhances engagement by adapting to each user's preferences, making each visit uniquely informative and enjoyable.


Utilizing our innovative, patented technology, Lory delivers a customized multimedia experience to the visitors own smartphone. Whether you require hearing assistance, suffer from vision-related challenges, or seek support for languages not included in the primary media stream, Lory is dedicated to catering to your unique needs.

Our groundbreaking patented recognition technologies usher in a novel approach to token-less audience identification, delivering personalized media content that is indispensable in today's digital era. In a world where even two-year-olds interact with smartphones and tablets, our technology ensures everyone receives content that is uniquely tailored to their interests and needs.


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