One Size Fits All?

Information, like clothes, should be made to measure. It’s time we stop taking the ‘one size fits all’ approach in the way that we involve our audience.

You don’t do it to your kids.
Don’t do it to your audience!

A 21st century Audiovisual and Interactive solution for museums and visitor centers, Mad Systems'  unique patent pending Color Recognition Controlled Media Delivery System provides for the ultimate solution to deliver the right media to each of your visitors.


Our revolutionary patent pending solution provides media content that is tailored to your visitors. We start off by looking for colors - a lot of school groups, church groups and clubs will have clothes on of the same nominal color. We identify that color, and associate it with that group. If a group needs to be identified, it's possible to give them all the same colored tag on a lanyard. Purple might be used to identify kids. Green might be used for visually impaired visitors. Blue might mean a member of a particular school group.


Once identified, if a child is seen, kid-friendly content is displayed for their age group. If a visitor has indicated that they prefer their information to be supplied in Mandarin, we can make sure that they will either hear Mandarin, or that we're using Mandarin subtitles . We can speak to their level of knowledge and interest, and provide tailored media content and graphics.

Color Recognition based media delivery can also help you with ADA requirements. Without prompting, interactive exhibits recognize  visitors in wheel chairs, and lower the buttons on the touch screen to make access easier. Seamlessly, high contrast media is delivered to allow for the special needs of a visually impaired guest, and voice prompts are used to help that special visitor experience the story.

Isn’t it about time you fit your system to your audience? Please call Mad Systems at 714 259 9000. We’re ready to help!

System Information

The non-proprietary nature of the system components make for easy long term management.

Maintenance? Not a problem. Our systems are all based on commonly available non-proprietary hardware, so you do not have to worry about long term support and easy replacement of system components.

Mad Systems' Color Recognition driven media delivery option can be fitted to a range of hardware configurations, the most flexible of which is the QuickSilver™ option, which is specifically designed with Recognition systems in mind.