AV systems haven't substantially changed for years.
This new set of tools changes that. Dramatically.

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Mad Systems have specialized in delivering non-proprietary AV systems for years, and we will continue to do so.

There is however an additional option too: QuickSilver® is an exciting new audiovisual solution providing features not previously available. It is based on non-proprietary hardware. It offers optional controls that include our patent pending Facial Recognition or Color Recognition providing ways to personalize media delivery to individuals or groups.

The image below shows the basic layout and the components that make up the QuickSilver® system.

It also shows a host of advanced options and add-on possibilities that truly make this the next generation AV solution. We refer to it as AV++™.
QuickSilver® system basic layout

QuickSilver® is designed to:
•tailor content for groups of visitors or for individual visitors
•deal better with different content to meet ADA requirements
•create flexible graphics –use projectors instead of fixed graphics
•provide for different languages without overloading graphics panels
•provide for content for different interest groups, and specifically for kids
•replace framing and gobo projectors with video (mapping) solutions


affordable (expect 10-30+% hardware and installation cost reductions)
•vastly reduced infra-structure requirements
non-proprietary commercial grade hardware
•wireless control, significantly reducing conduit, cable and installation cost
•wireless media updates
flexible wireless power management
update Content easily and affordably

Designed to allow full integration of Recognition options to personalize visitor's experiences, every one of your visitors is treated as an individual. QuickSilver® includes interfaces for buttons, motion detectors, and other specialist sensors and devices.

The most powerful control options are Mad's Patent Pending Facial Recognition or Color Recognition control systems. QuickSilver® was designed to provide the level of flexibility required to optimize these options. QuickSilver® does not need a recognition system but it is Recognition Ready.

This is our new QuickSilver® tool kit. The ultimate affordable and flexible solution. With its WiFi network backbone, significant cost reductions are achieved by reducing and sometimes almost eliminating installation of costly conduit and signal cable, and all that without reducing reliability as the WiFi link is only used for system control and occasional media updates.

QuickSilver® comprises the following main non-proprietary hardware based components:

  • a central control system, connected to a WiFi network
  • a mesh network controlled power management interface that allows equipment to be turned on and off at preset times or on demand
  • a range of WiFi controllable micro-miniature video/media servers and I/O devices with capabilities that provide incredible options for media delivery
  • a WiFi controllable micro-miniature audio replay device with some very unusual capabilities
  • a central media storage facility with automatic updating capability
  • a stable commercial grade WiFi system
  • everything else you could possibly need in an AV system

This system is specifically designed to provide a highly stable solution that not only significantly reduces costs, but also provides a level of flexibility that has never been seen before.

Some additional information on the components:

A micro-miniature Media Server for delivery of hidef and 4k video with mono, stereo, dolby or multi-track audio. Supports multiple shows, languages and subtitles. WiFi is used for control and media updates. Language track and subtitles can be changed while media is running.

No cables other than power required, the Media Server will tuck in behind a monitor or on top of a projector. Since it's local, the media server does not need extenders.

As a standard low cost AV solution, QuickSilver® will allow you to change media delivery manually on a per exhibit, per group of exhibits, or venue wide by staff members so that it is possible to accommodate school groups in the morning, or a specific target group at any time.

With the optional Facial Recognition system, however, the system can recognize each visitor at each exhibit. If a visitor is identified as a child, kid-friendly content is displayed for their age group. If a visitor indicates a preference for Spanish language information delivery, then that is what is delivered.

Please contact us for further details. The new QuickSilver® range is ready for deployment in your venue!

QuickSilver® has all kinds of ADA options. Interactive exhibits can recognize visitors in wheel chairs or with other special needs, and lower the buttons on the touch screen to make access easier, increase audio volume, or provide subtitles. It can even present high contrast media to allow for the special needs of a visually impaired guest.

When the visitor is recognized by the system, QuickSilver® knows how to tell your story in a way that matters to them as individuals, as it will identify the visitor, and remember their language preference, interests and subject knowledge. Running a presentation, and finding that that English speaking visitor is joined by a Spanish speaking visitor? Just turn on Spanish subtitles. The English speaker leaves? Just change over to the Spanish language track - the show continues, seamlessly.

QuickSilver® media may be updated by simply changing the content on a central drive. Change a file, and QuickSilver® detects that revision, uploads it to the relevant device and starts using that content once it’s there. You can start with basic media, and expand to give your visitors additional options later. The hardware will stay the same.

Want to do a Halloween spook, or a Christmas Special? Just change the media files in a central folder, and Halloween and Christmas will arrive, with no need for anyone else to be involved.

QuickSilver® replaces fixed graphics and signage. Why have fixed printed graphics when a flexible alternative is affordable, with you in charge of the content to be delivered? With cost-effective ultra-short throw laser projectors now giving you many years of service, cost really is no longer a barrier - and QuickSilver® helps you to exploit all that technology to create the most flexible solution you have ever seen.

QuickSilver® is affordable as it uses the latest technology to deliver your media. Media is stored locally on the miniature servers for optimal system stability, reliability and quality, but interfaces for control and media updates are wireless, so that  your infrastructure requirements are vastly reduced, while providing full WiFi access to every single part of the system.

Maintenance? Not a problem. The QuickSilver® audiovisual system is based on commonly available non-proprietary hardware, so you do not have to worry about long term support.

Isn’t it about time you fit your system to your audience? Please call us on 714 259 9000 and let's chat. We’re happy to help!

QuickSilver®: the right toolkit for today
Innovative and Affordable
by the Mad Systems team