One Size Fits All?

Of course not. You want things to fit.

Information, like clothes, should fit. It’s time we stop taking the ‘one size fits all’ approach in the way that we involve our audience.

You don’t do it to your kids.
Don’t do it to your audience!

A 21st century Audio Visual and Interactive solution for museums and visitor centers, QuickSilver™+FR provides a combination of the ultimate flexibility offered by QuickSilver™ with tailored media delivery using our patent pending Facial Recognition technology.


This system delivers media content that is tailored to your visitor. Facial recognition technology provides the user interface to each exhibit.

If a child is seen, suitable content is displayed for its age group.

The system deals with ADA requirements: interactives recognize visitors in wheel chairs, and drop the buttons on the touch screen to make access easier. Media is delivered with increased contrast for the special needs of a visually impaired guest.

If a visitor has allowed the system to recognize them, either from home or at your venue, QuickSilver™+FR knows how to tell your story in a way that matters to them. It will recognize the visitor, and remember their language preference, interests and subject knowledge; it knows which exhibits they have seen, and how long they spent at each exhibit.

Even if they’ve not been seen by the system, the first interactive they come to asks them their preferred language, then the next exhibits and interactives will use that language, consistently. Running a presentation, and finding that that English speaking visitor is joined by a Spanish speaking visitor? Just turn on Spanish subtitles. The English speaker leaves? Just change over to the Spanish language track - the show continues, seamlessly.

QuickSilver™ replaces out-of-date fixed graphics and signage. Why have fixed printed graphics when a flexible alternative is affordable, with you in charge of the content to be delivered? With cost-effective ultra-short throw laser projectors now giving you many years of faithful service, cost really is no longer a barrier - and QuickSilver™ helps you to exploit all that technology to create the most flexible solution you have ever seen, and with the Facial Recognition system behind QuickSilver™ it adapts to your visitors and tailors delivery to meet their interests.

Maintenance? Not a problem. QuickSilver™ is based on commonly available non-proprietary hardware, so you do not have to worry about long term support.

Isn’t it about time you fit your system to your audience? Please call and set an appointment with your new tailor at Mad Systems on 714 259 9000. We’re ready to help!

System Information

The non-proprietary nature of the system components make for easy long term management. Servers are minute, and get tucked out of the way behind the monitor, hidden in the reading rail, or plugged into the projector. High definition or 4k video, quality stereo, surround or multi-channel sound and even 3-D audio, touch based and other interactives, QuickSilver™ will take care of things.

Changing subtitles covering a multitude of languages, or switching audio tracks to another language while media is running is all possible, seamlessly. Kids in the audience? Run the kids version of the presentation, and if not show the adult version.

Since QuickSilver™ infra-structure is mostly wireless, installed cost is surprisingly affordable. With up to a terabyte of media storage contained locally inside each server, you won’t run out of space either.

At the center of QuickSilver™ is the TeaParty control system, running on a standard PC computer. It creates this events triggered, rule based system by determining when and what media to present. Managing the system is easy - with a wireless touch pad you are in control.

The minute video server component can be tucked behind a monitor or on top of a projector and delivers stunning HiDef and UHD (4k) video with a host of audio options ranging from stereo to surround sound.

System inputs such as buttons, Infra-red sensors, and even touchscreens and shaft encoders are fed into TeaParty, mostly via wireless links. TeaParty then takes decisions based on what it has been programmed to do, and controls media delivery, audioscapes, lighting, motion, special effects and anything else you want.

The audio server component, which comes with or without an internal 25W amplifier as needed, delivers a stereo output as standard and is small enough to tuck into your set work. With a small extender it gives up to eight simultaneous audio outputs, to provide a surround, 3D audio or a multi-channel facility. With a built-in soundscape randomizer, a non-repeating soundscape for your venue is easily created.

QuickSilver™ is affordable as it uses the latest technology to deliver your media. Media is stored locally on the miniature servers for optimal system stability, reliability and quality, but interfaces for control and media updates are wireless, so that  your infra-structure requirements are vastly reduced, while providing full WiFi access to every single part of the system.

Maintenance? Not a problem. QuickSilver™ is based on commonly available non-proprietary hardware, so you do not have to worry about long term support.

QuickSilver™: the right solution for its time
Innovative and Affordable
by the Mad Systems team