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Mad Systems is a technology partner that will work with you on designing, managing, installing and commissioning Audio Visual systems and a range of software and electro-mechanical interactive solutions as well as unusual projects of all sorts. An AV company at its core, Mad also has a studio capable of handling up to 4 streams of 4k video and 32 channels of audio, software development and even a complete mechanical and electronic workshop.
Concept design and development, Hardware and Infra-structure development, Content Strategy development, User interface design, Graphics design, Production, Audio and video production, Interactive exhibits, horizontal and vertical interactives, Motion Tracking using a range of different interfaces and design and production of Custom Interactive Interfaces – we are truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to Audio, Visual and Interaction

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  1. Mad Systems is a leading US based technology company majoring in Audio Visual design and installation as well as electro-mechanical interactive design and implementation and everything that comes with that. Our work is seen in museums, theme parks, experiential marketing events, conferences and corporate venues around the world and involves a range of exhibits, brand recognition, corporate story telling and a host of unusual projects.

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