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As one of the nation’s leading technology systems and audiovisual integrators,  Mad Systems always works with you to provide the optimal solutions to match your requirements and your budget. We are the best for exhibits, presentations, communication, interactives, display systems and those unusual things that nobody else seems to be able to get a handle on. We will act as consultants, client representatives, or as an AV and/or interactive contractor and take on the entire design, programming, implementation, installation and commissioning of your technology, and of course provide the necessary aftercare.

Our philosophy is to do things right, and start off by thinking of designing for the long run. We want to produce exhibits that will last, and look good even after being used by thousands and millions of visitors. We take safety seriously, and when designing safety critical components including water, motion or other special effects, that is where we start.

We will take care of the technology you need to allow you to concentrate on moving the design forward to convey the message, or to establish that brand. We will talk to architects, facility managers, IT departments, general, mechanical, and electrical contractors. Our Audio-visual integration experts, including professional engineers and system designers and experienced installation teams allow you to concentrate on moving your ideas forward, and provide support as needed.

We will deal with the details of designing and installing systems integrating displays, audio systems, interactives, communications systems, digital signage, special effects and any other related technology, be it electronics or mechanical. We can provide local and remote support for our systems, so that the client doesn’t need to. Our turn-key systems mostly take care of themselves, but remote support is implemented to allow us to control the system and do system checks and upgrades over a secure, encrypted link.

Please call us at 714 259 9000, or contact us via email at to get the ball rolling. We’d be happy to help!

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