the Power of Experiential Marketing

Marketing related work represents some of the fastest growing jobs in 2015. There’s all different kinds of marketers; examples are Content, Brand, Social Media, and Experiential marketers. Each of these drive business in their own way. Some strategies are more common; others are almost a foreign concept to some companies. But there’s power in experiential marketing that’s making it a worldwide marketing need.

Think of a memorable experience. Maybe it happened several months ago, maybe even years. Why is this memory still so vivid in your mind? Experience allows for this impact. And experiential marketing creates just that. Customers can have face to face experience with your products and not only see but also touch what your product is truly offering. This impact is what sets experiential marketing drastically apart from traditional marketing that typically focuses on exposure. Experiential marketing allows you to create a deeper relationship with your customer. Pair that with social media marketing, and you can create a viral sensation.

Even the simplest experiential marketing ideas can still have a drastic impact. Check out Disney’s most recent stunt shared on social media with the hashtag #DisneySide:



It’s simple really, yet it put smiles on many people’s faces. By adding a videographer on site, you’ve expanded your reach. Now you’re making your social media followers smile and maybe even cry, but most importantly, feel and remember. You know what I want to do after watching this clip? Go to Disneyland, or watch a Disney movie! This simple stunt is now a huge success.

The return on investment is what makes experiential marketing an incredible success. And to do so, focus on quality instead of quantity. Focus on your client’s engagement with your product. And most of all, focus on how it makes the client feel.
Creative Mad Systems takes the marketing firm’s wildest imaginative ideas for experiential marketing and makes them a reality. We are a cornerstone in bridging the gap between brand and consumer. Anything you can imagine, we can do. Utilizing the most cutting edge technology in the most creative ways, Creative Mad System delivers customized one-of-a-kind experiences which match the designer and marketer’s vision and brings brands to the next level of consumer engagement.  

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