Mad Systems Designs Interactive Experience to Show at EventTech 2015

EventTech presented by Event Marketer is one of the largest event technology conferences and brings a thousand marketers from around the world. Mad Systems designed a custom interactive specifically for EventTech, based on a modern equivalent of the game of pong, playing up the Las Vegas & EventTech theme.

In just under two weeks, our graphic design and programming team created a unique and engaging interactive game from the ground up. Using three 55″ video monitors and an overall touch screen overlay, this is a fun game.

Visitors are drawn to the stunning Planar touch table and start by getting their picture taken. That picture is printed on a poker chip sticker for the guest to show off as a badge throughout the conference. Their picture also lands on a poker chip on the table, where users have one chance to steer the chip in the winning direction, with the hope of it sending it onto the roulette wheel to win a prize – there is a Bose sound link to be won for each day of the show!

The poker chips bounces off hotels and makes its way through notable landmarks on the Las Vegas Strip while triggering audio clips and gags attached to each of the hotels on the strip. As your chip passes the Bellagio, expect to see the fountain show start and hear the sounds of the fountain, too; in other locations, the Circus Circus elephants trumpet, Can-can girls perform and Donald Trump looses his toupee while explaining that he’s really, really rich. Want more?
This is just an example of an engaging interactive experience we can create for you and your client. Mad Systems specializes in audiovisual system integration and the design, building and installation of interactive experiences for brands, museums and visitor centers.

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