Mad的新编辑机房 – Mad’s new Edit Suite


基于Adobe Premiere软件包,一台高配置的电脑和高速显卡,我们可以制作和编辑视频、生成画面,特别是可以重新渲染现有视频,使之优化并适用于我们的系统以用于互动装置。一个数字32道的X-32音响台为处理来自视频编辑机或其他输入资源的音频提供了很多便利。

这套系统的第一次使用是为了Corpus Christi(美国德克萨斯州科珀斯克里斯蒂市)博物馆新的科学廊,在那里有各种音频文件和视频需要编辑,Mad制作的互动装置的图像也需制作。

Mad’s new Edit Suite

In order to support our client’s project work, Mad have installed a major upgrade to our audio/video edit capabilities. The new edit suite is capable of handling up to four simultaneous 4k video streams and up to 8.1 audio configurations.

Based on the Adobe Premiere software package, a high end computer and fast graphics card allows us to produce and edit video, generate graphics and in particular re-render existing media so that we can customize it for use on our systems or for our interactives. A digital 32-channel X-32 audio desk provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to handling audio both from the video editor and from additional input sources.

The system’s first use was for the Corpus Christi museum’s new H-E-B science gallery, where various audio files and video had to be edited and graphics was produced for several of the interactives produced by Mad.