Electro-mechanical interactives – a fun progress video

Mad Systems is, of course, primarily an Audio Visual and Control systems integration company – but we also often create software based and electro-mechanical interactives.

We are currently working on some interactive exhibits that combine electro-mechanical devices with user interactivity on a very physical level. All of the electronics that controls these systems is pretty well hidden, resulting in some nice smoke-and-mirrors type of effects. Our client allowed us to post this fun video just to show what we’ve developed for one of them. We needed to have something that moves from side to side, with a Victorian ‘feel’ to the end result. Here’s the prototype, using a rather nice reciprocal gear mechanism to create the movement. Yes, there are a hundred different ways of doing this – but this is visually appealing and creates just the right magic to make it look cool, and work well.

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