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We will do a free confidential evaluation for future owner of the first 10 suitable AV systems to contact us. Talking to us makes sense for your pocket and your future. We are so convinced that you’ll love what we will show you that we’ll put in the work. No strings attached.

One of the reasons that new equipment traditionally takes a long time to penetrate an existing market is the “Design Cycle”. Previously, it has been normal for a ’new product’ and definitely a ’new concept’ to take time to get accepted by designers and consultants, as the Process Of Change takes time, sometimes a LOT of time. We can break that model. 

Hard to believe? Have a look here , and if you anything interesting, let’s talk. We’re convinced that you will love it.

QuickSilver™ is different and better. More flexible, more capable, more efficient, and all that at a lower cost. There are some interesting reasons for that. The first one is, that replacing ‘a piece of equipment’ normally does not have a significant impact on a system’s price or performance, or its readiness for future capabilities. That means that there is little pressure to change it out for something else unless the original choice went obsolete. The second one is that when you’re designing a traditional AV system, with equipment coming from all different manufacturers, having a ’new’ piece of equipment will involve programming changes, and possibly even control method changes – and that’s before you find out the hidden differences.

This is where QuickSilver™ is breaking boundaries. If you are an end user, and have an active project that is over budget, let us have a look at a QuickSilver™ equivalent for you. No commitment, let’s just talk and see if we can help you cut your budget by a significant amount. Let’s look at infra-structure design and requirements, and let’s see if we can make a change that will save you money, and shorten your installation time without affecting or possibly even improving the end result. 

QuickSilver™ represents a paradigm shift. It’s not just a ‘maybe next time’ kind of solution. Even with a design mostly or completely done, looking at QuickSilver™ makes sense. If you’ve not bought your equipment yet, we can most likely reduce your budget, and we’re very likely to be able to help you out, even on live projects. If you’ve not pulled signal cable yet – talk to us, because we can probably save most of that cost. If you’ve got phasing issues with your power – let us know. QuickSilver™ in its pure form isn’t affected.

Give us a call – talk is free, after all – and see if we can’t help you save money, and show you a better, future proof solution – even if you’re right at the point where you’re ready to get going. Better yet: if you can, come and see it work – our lab shows all of QuickSilver™ at work, and even being controlled using Facial Recognition. We’ll give you a design that works, and a system that is future proof. Who knows, you might even be able to get those VE’d exhibits back in.

Stop spending money on last century technology. Head into the 21st right now with QuickSilver™!

Call us on 714 259 9000. Promise, we won’t bite!

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