vanilla spares, anyone?

Less spares – another benefit of non-proprietary systems where the same component is used for multiple functions, as is the case with QuickSilver™.

Instead of having boxes full of spares for all the different components that you need for long term protection of your system, you’d keep what we refer to as ‘vanilla spares’. Vanilla spares take on the function that you need when you need it. This means that if a video server needs replacement – you’d plug it in to the relevant device. If you have a lighting controller that needs to be replaced – that’s where it goes. If an audio randomizer is misbehaving – just plug in that vanilla spare. The assisted self-healing capability that QuickSilver™ provides means that you’ll be back up and running with the right functionality and the right media in no time.

That’s what #21stCenturyAV looks like – and that’s why we call it #notyourgrandmasav. This is the future of our industry!

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