Green AV? LEED? Yes, we can help.

Green AV? LEED requirements? Yes, we can help with that too. First of all, our AV control system takes remarkably little power – but with LifeSaver it gets even better, as we can reduce power when your venue is quiet. LifeSaver will not only save with power, but extend the life of your system components too, and thus pay for itself and then some. Reduced power bills, increased longevity, and all that for a system that doesn’t break the bank and does everything you could ask for.

Of course QuickSilver™ comes with a wireless power management system, so yes, all non-essential equipment is turned off at night, and switched on when required in the morning. Yes, we can even interface with the BMS system so that all your systems are centrally controlled.

Wherever you’re looking at LEED qualifications – it only makes sense to save power, and increase the life of your systems; after all – isn’t that what LEED is all about?

How much better can it get? Talk to us about helping you with a QuickSilver™ based solution – this is #notyourgrandmasav

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