Life without an AV tech

One of the changes that we’ve seen over the past 20 years is that it is now very rare to find clients who have AV technicians on board. Some of them have an IT person, or an IT department, but those folks have a very different skill set.

Fortunately, our QuickSilver™ system has moved forward with the times, and provides a solution that is based on non-proprietary IT type equipment. Yes, it’s still different from connecting an office computer to the network – but it’s a lot closer to the skill set that we now commonly find is easy to tap into. Combine that with better pricing and more possibilities, and it is obvious that QuickSilver™ is the way forward for all of your AV systems – be it for Museums, Visitor Centers, or corporate lobbies and VIP areas, there simply is nothing to touch it; with minimal maintenance requirements, and component longevity like never before, this is simply the best option for ALL your AV requirements.

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