AV in the 21st Century

If you are even THINKING about AV or interactives – and even if you’re not quite yet – it’s worthwhile knowing what has changed, because the changes Mad has made represents a quantum step forward.

Yes, with #QuickSilver you might well be able to afford to do something really cool. No need for equipment rooms, lots of conduit and cable, and no need for large HVAC systems. We have distilled AV to its essence, while providing more capabilities than ever before. This is #21CenturyAV at its best. No more finicky boxes from all over the world, no more wrangling to make things work together, no more climbing over things to turn exhibits on or off.

Here’s what that means for you: SOLUTIONS.

Really, that’s it – solutions to create a better environment for your visitors, and solutions that provide for ALL of your audience, even the next generations that are growing up with dynamic edutainment from a very early age, and that we need to engage to ensure the future of our museums and visitor centers.


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