Marketing and Advertising

The problem

A lot of the current marketing and advertising approach is boring. Let’s talk about new approaches and new technology for marketing and advertising. After all – this is the time NOT to stick with those well-tried marketing and advertising methods. They will mostly be ignored. Talk to us about bringing something new and fresh to your next campaign because we’re no longer in the 1900s. We’re about to come out of a pandemic. We are entering a new decade, with great expectations, and we have the new technologies required to back it all up. Marketing now is the only way to get ready for all those new opportunities that we know are out there.

Think about our current situation. So many of us are working from home, and we’re bombarded with emails and advertising that cause a primary response that makes us want to delete and unsubscribe pretty well all we find in our daily deluge.

Once this pandemic is under control, people will be very keen to leave their homes, only to find the same boring old, boring old. They’ll return to those shopping malls, and to those stores, to find random marketing and ads all around them, as it used to be. Here’s the problem: nobody watches the regular onslaught on our senses anymore. We’ve programmed ourselves to ignore it, as most of it is not even vaguely relevant to us.

The solution

It’s high time to up the game. That’s why we’ve been working on our new patented technologies to personalize experiences for marketing and advertising. Yes, there are better ways to handle all of this – new disruptive AV++ technology exists that takes a huge leap forward. We can now (anonymously if need be, believe it or not) recognize people. That allows us to work out what ads work so that we can build up data to personalize media delivery. We can figure out when someone looks at an ad and smiles. Clients can ‘opt in’ and opt out of what they will perceive as bland and unwanted cacophony. We can even welcome them by name if they like!

Let’s avoid throwing ads at people in the hope that something will stick

Let’s think about those that pay for these ads. We can provide systems where advertisers do not need to throw random stuff at people in the hope that something will stick. The approach is starting to work with web advertising – and it can work elsewhere too. Our new patents and technology allow for methods that go way beyond that, allowing us to target advertising. This will create solid revenue streams from people who KNOW that your marketing budgets are pushing properly targeted and personalized content.

Personalizing the Experience

Take this a step further – by combining information on purchases with your retail clients, you can also look at their general interests, and target messaging based on spending habits. In the meantime, you can refine information every time you see them smile at – or ignore – an ad you’re showing when they walk past.

Just think – if someone opts in, we can even welcome them by name as they walk through the store, or walk up to a register or assistant.

You do not need to have information on your clients with our approach – no names, no credit card details – all this can be done anonymously with security guaranteed by a system that does not need to be internet-connected, and sub-second response times. However – if they opt-in, then customer service goes up, and return visits will too.

It’s time to look at this new technology as we step into a new decade. We’re ready – are you? We have been working hard to make sure that we are ready for the re-opening at some point in 2021 with all of the necessary technologies ready to go.

Click here for details on the relevant patents.

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