Mad’s earthquake simulator is a device that simulates sliding plate type earthquakes with a magnitude of up to 4.8 – realistic enough to make our California visitors comment on the experience. The movie below shows us testing the platform with staff and family.

The device needs a floor of only 9″ high, which makes it easy to integrate in just about any set. It is powered from a single wall socket at 110VAC or 230VAC. The side panels are made from Lexan, so that visitors cannot touch the moving edge of the moving part of the platform, and mounted asymmetrically to avoid mechanical resonances. The electrical system is designed to interface with infra-red curtain safety interfaces and features an E-stop override – and once any of the safeties are activated, the entire platform can be moved by hand.

Earthquakes are common around the ‘ring of fire’ – and Mad is located near several active faults that run all over the Los Angeles basin

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