On November 6th, 2018, the Shoah Foundation unveiled their new office at the Grand Opening of its new global headquarters on the USC campus, located on the top floor of the Leavey Library.
Theirs is an important mission with so much meaning – which is just one reason why we were excited at the opportunity to work on the USC Shoah Foundation visitor center project at the Institute for Visual History and Education.
Mad Systems was asked to design the AV for the visitor center in this lobby along with the Maude Group (Chicago, IL). Mad Systems also designed conference room audiovisual systems for meetings and presentations.
After the design we were excited to make this design project a reality, and we began installation of several experiential exhibits including:
  • Waterfall: two 10′ high interactive exhibits consisting on three portrait mounted monitors each. These two exhibits share testimonies of survivors.
  • Mirror Wall: a semi-reflective 24’ wide by 10’ high glass wall exhibit, which comprises seven 70” portrait mounted monitors. This 24’ x 10’ exhibit has a single multi-touch overlay and provides testimonies of survivors, explains the impact on the world with an interactive map, and shares interviews with human rights activists.
    The exhibit has multiple modes that allows it to be used as seven individual stations, or as one station for docents to access during tours of the Shoah Foundation exhibits. It can also display a single video across the middle three monitors, while providing two individual stations on each side. This exhibit uses multiple computers; Mad Systems wrote a computer program which interprets the touchscreen data in a format recognized by the interactive software, allowing the exhibit to be used as one single screen or as seven individual touch screens.
  • Several other interactive exhibits including three information pillars with touchscreens (“Fins”), and three 70” portrait mounted touchscreens (“Pathways to Testimony”), all of which tell different stories related to the Shoah Foundation’s mission.
Congratulations to our client, the Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California, on their grand opening of their new headquarters office on November 6th, 2018! We are so proud to have been a part of this effort to make sure that people will never forget.

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