The first extra-strange forage that the Mad team made into the realms of TV documentaries was a story about the Antikythera Mechanism, the first computer built in Greece some 2,200 years ago - and lost almost 2,100 years ago by some marauding Romans who dumped it in the Mediterranean (rather carelessly, we felt...). It didn't get found until 1901 by some Greek sponge divers, and then nobody took an interest until the 1950s. Here's a link to National Geographic's documentary. This one was fun, and done in the space of 14 days from beginning to end. Emily Bernard and Lone Wolf got us pulled into this one, and did it ever absorb 20 hours a day for that period... Great people to work with, and a lot of fun to do though!

A couple of years later we heard a familiar voice on the phone - it was Emily Bernard, who asked if we'd be interested in looking into a rather strange story about a heavier than air craft that might have been conceived during the American Civil war around the 1860s. Truthfully. Apart from being delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again it was just too hard NOT to get interested and then pretty well immersed into this story, so we helped on another National Geographic story - absolutely fantastic to have the opportunity to do so! The team did a great job, and someone managed to actually get "son of a b...." into the final transmission. Twice. Yeah.... (you'll have to watch it).
But seriously - a great project that really showed that this team can do just about anything, and do it well. Met some really nice people along the way, too!

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