Mad’s AIA Accredited Courses – now on line

Mad Systems is pleased to offer two free AIA accredited courses, ideal for anyone working in architecture, engineering, and construction. The courses, written by Mad Systems’ founder Maris Ensing, each qualify for 1.25 AIA/CES learning units, and a number of other accreditations including HSW, AIBD, AIC, BOMI and CCIDC.

The following two courses are offered for free through AEC Daily:

  • Audio and Acoustics
    Description- There are two requirements to provide a good audio system: analysis and mitigation of the acoustic performance of the space, and proper design of the audio system itself. Architects and designers need to treat these two elements as completely separate subjects and should involve an Audio-Visual specialist during the planning stages of any project to ensure proper performance of an audio system. This course explains the fundamentals of acoustics and identifies how sound behaves in different environments. Acoustic analysis and mitigation approaches are examined with the goal of achieving a properly targeted audio system design that will enhance the users’ experience.


  • Designing ADA-Compliant Audio-Visual Systems and Interactives

Description- Audio-Visual (AV) systems and interactive experiences can be complex. To properly integrate an AV system within a building or other venue, and make it completely accessible, a practicing AV consultant should be part of the design team from early on in the project. Addressed in this course are: traditional and modern AV systems, their costs, installation, and suitable applications; proper equipment storage, cooling, and maintenance access; and designing to meet ADA requirements.


If there is a topic you are interested in Mad Systems writing a course for, please let us know about it .

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