Stars testing Facial Recognition

Here is a video of Mad’s patent pending Facial Recognition based Media Delivery at work – and we’re using the Stars to do our testing.

While developing our patent pending Facial Recognition media delivery system, we had to find a lot of faces to work with. We really don’t want to stop work and get all of our staff lined up every time we want to try something new, so we found that using pictures is the most efficient way to get some ‘standardized’ testing done.

This demo shows a few seconds worth of video every time the system sees someone new. We like to add some video bits for all of our visitors – it’s a nice way to show the system at work. Our Facial Recognition system response time is now well better than one second, so we’re really happy with progress.

Just think about all the things you can do with this – personal advertising, personal experiences; this is the most powerful way of personalizing anything from a museum to showing the right kind of ads when pumping gas! If you know who your audience is, why not make sure you tailor the information that you show them?

The video server used for this is the micro-miniature QuickSilver™ unit – but our Facial Recognition system can be made to work with anything that can take commands in some way.

The guy playing the acoustic guitar is me… every now and then the system sees me standing there doing this test, and decides to play my video.

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