Promise: no more boring museums!

No, museums do not need to be boring. We just need to make sure that our young audiences don’t perceive them that way – and since they’re growing up with graphics tablets in front of them on a daily basis, using the same old, same old approach really doesn’t work anymore.

There are two options to display graphics – and the better one is the dynamic graphics option afforded by QuickSilver™ instead of more of that 10+ year old fixed graphics. That way, we can not only avoid the stigma of out-of-date information, but we can make information fun to experience – essential with the new generations of visitors. With changing background imagery, interesting ways of presenting text – even the simplest dynamic graphics and signage is better than those boring old dreaded graphics panels.

Thing is – with QuickSilver™ and low cost long-life laser projectors there is no reason why you can’t upgrade the information in your museum and make sure that the new generations that grew up with smartphones and tablets from age 2 do NOT feel that the information shown in the museum is boring.

Let’s move with the times, and talk about the options that QuickSilver™ brings. Not only that – this way we can alternate between languages, or deliver personalized media like never before. Give us a call, because that future is here now, and it’s more affordable than you’d ever have thought.
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