Designing something new

We’re in the middle of installing a QuickSilver™ system in a Visitor Center where there is no printed graphics other than the wall paper. ALL graphics panels and signage are projected, so that the client has the ultimate flexibility when it comes to the message they want to send. No more concerns over cramming too much information onto a graphics panel, just a great solution that removes that pressure, can deal with multiple languages, and is not bound to any of the conventional limitations.

This type of solution can even deal properly with ADA by providing a high contrast version of the media ONLY when it is necessary – thus allowing the designers to design without having to take limitations posed by ADA requirements into account for their exhibits while providing a solution that is 100% ADA compliant.

Not only that – with a simple option for designers to create and implement dynamic graphics, it is also more likely to capture and hold the attention of the younger generations, who grew up with smartphones and tablet PCs in their hands from an early age. Let’s step it up, and do something new now that we can!

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