Facial Recognition, RFID and Barcodes

We’ve spoken a lot about our patent pending Facial Recognition systems – but that’s not all we do. QuickSilver™ also comprises RFID and barcode readers as part of the ’standard’ component list. This means that you can design your system using RFID tags or barcode wristbands, and update whenever you want to either our Facial or Color recognition system in the future.

Of course, our FR systems are not limited to QuickSilver™ – we can provide them with whatever system you want, provided that it gives us the level of flexibility that is required to create a personalized media delivery system.

Our FacialRecognition systems are designed to be free-standing, and they don’t even need an internet connection, so they’re safe, and cannot be used for any nefarious purposes. We scrub the database at night, so there’s nothing left. That’s how we like it. Nothing like an air gap to protect you and yours. And ours, too!

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