more #ADA compliance

ADA compliance is not always easy, and it can certainly be restrictive for designers.

That’s where our new systems come in: with an option to fully personalize media delivery, we can be sure to increase the audio level when someone who needs a little more audio comes along. We can put on subtitles if they need more than just a little rise in volume. We can go to high contrast media for visually impaired folks. We can drop buttons on touchscreens to make them accessible for visitors in wheel chairs (or for kids!).

All the while, when there is no need for ADA support, your designers are free to design whatever they want – as the personalized media option provides better ADA support than has ever been possible in the past, while not restricting you to designing whatever you want to for when no visitor requiring ADA support is in the area.

Now THAT’s how QuickSilver™ is the only fully inclusive AV system out there without being restrictive. In the mean time, our team is working on new and additional solution that will advance QuickSilver™’s unique support for ADA even further. Watch this space!

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