some exciting news for ADA!

Here is one we’re really proud of: we’ve been scratching our heads for a good while to see what we could do to further improve #ADA facilities of our #QuickSilver™ system, and we’re getting pretty close to finishing our first really nice and affordable option for visually impaired visitors.

By modifying a cane for the visually impaired, we can guide them from one place in a museum to the next, and make sure that they too get to enjoy your venue. We’re in the process of setting up a demo facility within our lab, and then we’ll start testing (and testing, and testing, and testing) and soliciting feedback to make sure that we have the best solution we can get. This is just the beginning of new products that will help ALL of our visitors.

If you’re in the area, let us know – we’d love to show you all of this amazing new #21stCenturyAV. Unsurpassed, affordable, and clearly the best way forward! With more solutions to meet and exceed ADA requirements, QuickSilver™ simply is your best solution to create an all-inclusive AV system for your venue.

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