New QuickSilver™ developments coming soon!

We have been working really hard to provide support for multiple languages and multiple story lines (to provide different content for different ages) on our new systems. We made sure that we can change languages on the fly – both in terms of the audio and subtitles. That still limits us to having two simultaneous languages (out of any number you’d care to have) in use, and that’s been something that we’ve been concerned with. We wanted a way to support many more languages, and also many more different interpretations of a story (science based, history based, different curricula based etc). That way we can supply any number of stories in any number of languages at each exhibit.

Well – we have something running in the lab that will really help with that process, and we should be able to announce some new products that will take care of that. Of course, like the rest of #QuickSilver™ this too will be 100% non-proprietary equipment, and it’ll be cost-effective too. Watch this space! #museum#design#notyourgrandmasav#avtweeps#avpro#proav#askacurator#quicksilver

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