Facial Recognition – an undeserved bad rap?

Facial Recognition is, unfortunately, getting a bad rap here and there, and when it comes to surveillance in city streets by “the law”, we understand why. Somehow, the media have not quite figured out that it doesn’t all need to be bad. Good thing is, that in the museum world, acceptance levels of visitors are remarkably high.

Our Facial Recognition system is different to avoid privacy issues. We spent a lot of time to make sure that it cannot be used like that when we install a personalized media delivery system based on Facial Recognition at your venue. In fact, our system has a feature known as “Anonymous Facial Recognition” – yes, we might recognize you internally, but we don’t know who you are, and your information cannot be shared.

No, the data we collect cannot be shared. First of all, our Facial Recognition computer is not on the internet – so nobody can get to the data. Second, the only thing we need to keep is an encrypted vector set, from which your face cannot be reconstructed – and the encryption means that the data isn’t even accessible to another one of our systems. Third: if you do not ‘opt in’, then the database is scrubbed every night – and when we say ‘scrubbed’, that means that all data is overwritten to make sure that it cannot be recovered.

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