Reading rails? Motion sensors?

Inputs and outputs are different for #QuickSilver™, and better for you!

Having inputs and outputs completely separate from the system in terms of cabling and infra-structure requirements is a huge money saver, and makes systems more flexible and easier to implement. A reading rail that only has low voltage power needs means that the esthetics of the design can really become the driver, and knowing that you can use buttons, or touch sensors, or just about anything else creates a level of flexibility that you’ve not had before.

In fact – adding our wireless motion detectors is done by just hanging the detector and providing power, too – so no matter how you look at it, #QuickSilver™ adds flexibility and reduces costs – not only as a system, but also in the infra-structure required to support it, as all those data connections are done wirelessly. This really is a win-win situation – less cable, less conduit, less infra-structure, less cost. More flexibility, more capabilities, at a lower cost. Isn’t it time to switch to QuickSilver™ and go for some #21stcenturyAV in your life? #avtweeps#avpro#proav#museum#design

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