QuickSilver™ video server advantages

The QuickSilver™ video server has a few advantages that are hard to beat. The first one is that the output stage is NOT a ‘standard video’ output signal, which means that unlike a lot of other products out there, the ‘black’ level on the HDMI connector is true black (a video output stage tends to provide 7-9% gray).

Another really nice feature is that the server has a serial output, so that it can control any projector with a serial input – we can turn it on or off that way, and even control all the control aspects most projectors offer, wirelessly. This way TeaParty, our show and system control system, can easily control all of the aspects of the projector. Of course if the projector is connected via a wireless network, that’s also managed by TeaParty – so you win either way. A properly controllable system means that just about anything is possible! #notyourgrandmasav#quicksilver#museum#design#askacurator#avtweeps#proav

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