Content Management System…

If your Content Management System looks or feels like this, it’s time for a change.

The CMS built into #QuickSilver™ is simple to use. Instead of a huge hard to use server to “manage content”, there’s just a drive, with a folder for each of your exhibits. When you change the content of the folder with newer files, they get distributed to the video and audio servers. We can even reflect it into the cloud to provide safe storage.

It’s that simple. It is not a disastrous impossibility to change or even add new content. You can start off with English content, and later add Spanish, or French, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

QuickSilver™ is the only fully integrated AV system designed to grow with your venue. Start off with ‘average’ level content, and add 5-9 year old curriculum suitable STEAM interpretations and adult versions. It’s all simple to do, and we’ll train and help you to take care of it. This means that you can start small and add as donors and grants allow you to do more.

If you use Quicksilver™ powered projectors you can change your graphic panels too – update to reflect new knowledge, add languages, to allow for different content types for kids and adults. Now THAT is #21stCenturyAV.


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