Split Flap boards, anyone?

Anyone remember those split flap boards at railway stations? What a sound, and what a cool solution – but the maintenance of all those moving parts is something no one needs!

So guess what – we’ve just added a solid state version to the QuickSilver™ equipment range. We originally developed this solution for a project we did at ESPN’s SportsCenter studio, and have now decided to include it as a ’standard’ QuickSilver™ component.

Select the number of rows, and the number of columns, and it’s another tool that can be controlled simply as part of a QuickSilver™ system. The font, background colors, and spacing are all variable, so all you need to do is to send it a command from our show controller, and it’ll happily flap to its next message.

A pretty cool addition, and maybe just a little bit like your Grandma’s AV system 😂


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