“DrinkMe” – for design and auto-configuration of AV systems

Let’s start the new year with a bang and an announcement of some new disruptive Mad technology for 2020! Our new “DrinkMe” gets you through the rabbit hole into the Mad World where things never before seen are possible.

Mad Systems is changing basic AV Systems design and configuration to the point where the process will largely be automated this year – another benefit possible due to the nature of the QuickSilver™ integrated AV eco-system.

Mad’s new “DrinkMe” software takes a plan view of a venue, and lets us draw all the equipment that needs to go in on that plan including monitors, projectors, and all of the other equipment that makes up an AV system. System on/off times are set, a check is done for missing components like lenses for projectors or servers for monitors, and all of the data is produced to pre-configure QuickSilver™ complete with parts lists, power requirements and heat loading.

All files for all the QuickSilver™ parts are prepared, media is pre-loaded, WiFi parameters programmed, IP addresses set, media storage configured, and even the show controller is pre-programmed with everything pre-loaded, and power management already taken care of. Now plug it all in, and all that’s left to do is show programming.

With #QuickSilver™ designed as a pre-integrated system, these are the kinds of possibilities that this new system offers. Happy New Year. Welcome to 2020!

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