International AV and traveling exhibits

Doing AV business internationally can be hard work – with every part of the globe using different types of AV equipment, commonality is hard to find. Also, when traveling shows dealing with the different voltages, frequencies, power plug styles, wiring methods and UL/CE/CSA can be a serious chore.

This is where QuickSilver™ comes into its own. Since we’re using non-proprietary equipment, and that equipment is produced by companies that provide equipment all over the globe, QuickSilver™ provides a common solution for your business that will work anywhere in the world.

Wouldn’t it be great to travel an exhibition with no need to worry about plug styles (just buy some additional wall warts or different IEC power leads), no need to worry about power (use 110/220/240, 50/60Hz, who cares) or wiring styles (what’s the color of the live wire in that rack??), with mostly no need for racks and minimal wiring involved? Well: QuickSilver™ makes those major issues go away.

Now if you’re a multi-national, and want to have common equipment in all of your venues across the globe, with common media, the same spares and support, then QuickSilver™ is your go-to solution!

Let’s go into the next decade with #QuickSilver™ providing real solutions.

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