LEED’s dirty little secret

LEED buildings?

It’s time to talk about a dirty little secret: power management of AV systems – something that should be a basic requirement does not appear to be obligatory.

Power Management, so often forgotten in RFPs, really matters. This image shows the system at the LEED Platinum ARC Visitor Center being turned off at the end of the day, automatically and without human intervention. No bucket of remotes and switches everywhere, no hassle.

QuickSilver™ incorporates power management as a standard feature – let’s face it, there isn’t a system anywhere that one should not be able to turn on or off easily and efficiently. This should, of course, also include the lights in display cases and other unnecessary power consumers that are not necessarily part of the AV system. The TeaParty control system, part of QuickSilver™, is set with an on and off time for each day of the week and can handle all of that.

In the case of LEED buildings, there should be a requirement for the AV system to turn itself off at the end of the day -it should be the norm. For QuickSilver™ it’s just another standard part of the package, and just another daily chore automated.

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