Immersive Audio

Let’s talk some more about immersive audio, and in particular about reasons you’d want to use immersive randomizing audio environment generators instead of those loops that drive you crazy.

Some 30 years ago we were working on a pretty prominent project in France, and the control room for our park control systems was in the back of an exhibit known as ‘Small World’. It’s one of the world’s classics, and we love it, particularly when we have kids or grandkids to take through the ride. However – living in that building with the interconnecting doors open is another story, and listening to that particular audio loop for a few months for up to 16 hours a day did get just a little… repetitive….

This led to our way of generating audio environments without depending on a simple loop – it’ll keep your staff sane, and your audience happy as they’ll never hear quite the same thing twice. A fully immersive forest or a city soundscape without repetition is the way to go.

Come hear our audio ‘repeaters’. They are, after all, refreshingly non-repetitive! Expect Innovation from Mad Systems – with solutions for you!

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