AV in 2020 – a view of the future

Here’s a snapshot of AV in 2020:

Our “DrinkMe” design and auto-configuration software will get you into the world of Mad AV where basic AV design and configuration is mostly automated. You’ll just draw your AV system on a plan view.

DrinkMe generates all the relevant files for your system: parts lists, power/heat load, the individual files needed for the QuickSilver™ elements. It’ll produce and populate the media distribution drive structure so that it’s easy to just update media on the system. It’ll prep all the files for the TeaParty show/system controller so that it’s ready for programming, and pre-configures power management and system on/off times.

TeaParty then controls the show, power to the system, and it monitors the system and provides data for trend analysis to predict maintenance needs.

Assisted self-healing will allow our clients to look after their systems using low cost, common, easy to obtain vanilla spares. Plug and play. Remote assistance allows us to provide long term support. Non-proprietary hardware means that you’ll still be able to get replacements twenty years from now.

If any of this sounds unusual – it is. This is #QuickSilver™, where SciFi has turned into reality. Welcome to 2020!

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