AV for your multi-national

Wouldn’t it be nice if ALL of your international businesses and projects could share the same AV equipment, so that anyone on the team had the same reference and experience, and so that all of your team’s expertise was accumulative? All of your staff would gain and share their experience on the same system. All the equipment would be common throughout your venues. At that point, everybody is working in the same direction. It’s more efficient, because they’re all learning more about the same hardware, and the same programming software.

With QuickSilver™ that’s easy – your installer in Australia knows how to install in the USA, and the guy in the UK knows what the system in the Middle East looks like. The main change to be street legal anywhere is the power plugs – so common designs and methods can be used, and common experience is gained everywhere. That sounds too efficient for words! Now take into account that the ‘vanilla spares’ will work anywhere, and there’s corporate approach to systems design, integration and maintenance that has never before been that easy, or that efficient.

Welcome to our world – the future is a different place with the QuickSilver™ eco-system. Let’s talk about it!

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