Self-healing tech – do you need it?

Self-healing technology. Do you need it?

Well, that depends on who you are.

If you’re an AV company that makes their money out service contracts, you probably wish we had not invented it. However, if you’re an end-user with a venue to run, it’s a different story. Assisted self-healing is an affordable way forward that makes you less dependent on costly eternal services – and it avoids excessive delays on getting your system back up and running should something misbehave. Let’s face it – instead of having to call someone in to fix your system, this gives your staff a solution with minimal interaction – plug in a small new ‘vanilla spare’ unit, and with a quick (and free) remote tweak from us the system heals itself, and you’re back up and running. Unless your AV company lives in your building, it’s probably a lot faster, too!

This is something that’s only available with #QuickSilver™, a #21stCenturyAV solution, because it’s part of the system’s design. Some call it disruptive technology – not so much for us, as we don’t major in selling service contracts – our systems don’t need a lot of support… but for those that do, yes, this is disruptive and most likely not so popular. What do you think?

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