More Dormouse features

Some more on Dormouse features. Dormouse is like previous generation tour guide systems only in as much as it provides audio – but it takes the tour guide experience to quite a new level. Since Dormouse can create randomized soundscapes, it’ll never sound the same twice – even when visitors return multiple times. Since it is polyphonic, it’s easy to overlay additional triggered sound effects or narrative tracks, without ever having to stop the background audio.

Some features:

* support of different languages, hearing impaired (using headset or t-coil), visually impaired (as part of the QuickSilver™ Caterpillar system), or for different content depending on interests or for different age groups

* any number of audio tracks within the limitation of available memory

* triggering by barcode, RFID, location based information derived from beacons (direct or triangulation), or Mad’s recognition system with sensors built into exhibits/locations

* language/use selection by pre-configuration or by interactive display

* trigger other events that are part of the system (lighting/special effects/other audio or video)

* trigger all devices in a group when an entire group (or family) reaches a certain point – and the entire group can have different content

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