System Longevity

Do you buy your AV for today, or are you positively preparing to live with it for the next 20 years?

A simple question – yet we are still seeing previous generation systems with built-in obsolesce going in. What will you do when that processor fails, or when that touchscreen, that you’re completely dependent on to control your system, goes dark? Well, you’re going to pay through the nose for the latest update, which then likely will also need some very costly re-programming.

Talk to us – because #QuickSilver™ is designed to make sure that none of that will ever happen to you. Using standard Intel designed and built hardware means that the next generation of hardware will just be faster and probably cheaper. It means that if something fails, there will be a replacement, as Intel is not about to stop making computers – and even if they did, there are plenty of others who won’t.

QuickSilver™ is the first system designed specifically to avoid obsolescence, so that you can be sure that in 15-20 years time, it’ll still be working for you.

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