Ideas bigger than the budget?

Big ideas, and not so big of a budget?

Let’s see if we can help you fit your ideas into your budget. Why waste your budget on hidden infra-structure and pay for things no one will actually ever see – you did know that a good percentage of your AV/Interactives budget is likely to never be seen by your visitors?

Conduit, signal cable, terminations, signal extenders, switches, and the paperwork, design and meetings to put it all together – all the stuff you’ll (hopefully) never see again that supports the things you and your visitors care about: images and stories being told at your venue.

Let’s reduce those hidden costs, and get that money pushed back to where it is seen: let’s have more and better dynamic exhibits.

In fact – let’s talk to see if we can’t help you get what you want, for a more reasonable budget than other methods allow for.

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